Show Rules -Coxleigh 2017

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Show Rules -Coxleigh 2017

Post by CharlieBreyer on Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:17 pm

Welcome to Coxleigh 2017.

Open from 14.02.17 to 21.02.17

This is in a live show style where you post a photo of your horse in the correct class and the results will be published after the show has ended.


  • Only two horses per class.
  • Please don't argue with the judge, or other members of the show.
  • All judging is final.
  • In the photos published in the in-hand classes, could the horses please be on a white background with a side view, or on a live show table with a side view so that they can be properly judged. Any pictures not like this will not be judged.
  • Please no commenting in the classes. There is another thread for show chatting.
  • Please insert the name and breed above the picture of the horse.
  • Resigns, OF and Customs are all welcome at this show.

Thank you!

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